We’re media experts. Our team of trained journalists and media managers know how to translate your message to the masses with engaging and topical media pitching, press release writing and campaign strategy. While we love the local news, we’ll look outside of just the weekly newspaper and AM radio to help you find a publication audience which wants to hear about what you’re up to.

We’ve got great connections across national media outlets, and love to help our clients connect with these and pick up coverage for their exceptional stories.

Content is king … and we are its queen! We can create eloquent, exciting content for: social media, websites, blogs, newsletters, publications, award entries, grant submissions and everything in between. That includes imagery, photos, video and design, too! We’re exceptional writers and editors, so if you’re sitting and stressing about that next communication item you need to develop – call us with the brief, and we’ll knock it up for you (and let you get on with other more important matters).

It’s vital in marketing for your business. We use social media to tell your story, create brilliant content, and engage with your audience, clients and customers. We’ll give you the low down on how it all works and help you decipher which social media platforms will work for your business so you can streamline your efforts for return on investment. AND – if you’re really stuck for time, we can just ghost-manage your profiles and help build your audience, reach more clients and generally spread the word about the great things you’re up to.

Marketing is daunting for small business. Heck, marketing is scary for everyone! We’ll work with you to assess your goals and develop manageable strategies to build your reputation and connect with your customers. This might mean working on branding, communication strategies, marketing plans, social media engagement, email direct marketing activities, website development or something else. Talk to us about training too!

Have a story to tell or a product to sell, a cause to promote or a project you just want to do well (see how we rhymed there, it’s one of our many skills). Commshake are expert project managers and can help deliver multi-level outcomes on communication, media and marketing campaigns. If you’re not sure where to start, let us know and we can point you in the right direction (and take the reins if you need us to as well).

We can help you connect your cause to your consumers with cutting edge digital strategies using a variety of online platforms to get you the biggest bang for buck. In a world of time-poor business owners and managers, we’re here to support you. We can help you work out which digital options will work for you, and save you spending time and money trying to work out where to invest your marketing dollars.

We love making the complex simple and getting vital information to the right audiences. This is where good communications strategy lies. We’ve got experience in developing major comms strategies for government corporations, all the way through to helping tell the local café about their new opening hours. Whether it’s simple or complex, we can create (and roll-out) a strategy to get your message out there.

Working alongside our creative partners, we project manage and deliver exceptional websites for our clients. We’re big on ensuring the user experience is incredible when people land on your site, so that you can put your best-foot-forward in the digital space. Whether you’re a professional service, tradie looking for a basic site or a new program looking to launch online – we can help.

Awards are a brilliant PR opportunity for ALL business and organisations. But no one ever seems to have the time or will to want to take these on. Enter Commshake. We’re expert writers and can take all of your project documents, emails and briefs and transform them into a flowing and convincing argument as to why you’re the best in the businesses (our strike rate is pretty good too, with almost ALL of our submissions so far fetching a finalist gong, or helping out clients take out local, State and National awards).

Grants are another pain-point for organisations. No one likes writing them up, but we can help. Give us a call and let us know what you’re up to. We can help you convey your story to a specific funding body to help develop a convincing case.

Commshake can school your organisation or business leaders on managing your social media. We often run public workshops that you may want to send along your key staff to – or we can deliver in-house customised training for your team (whatever works best).

We’ve delivered social media workshops for local government, small business and NGO’s; plus we’ve rolled out media training for those who are regularly on radio or learning the ropes in terms of PR pitching for their own organisation.

Talk to us about what you need – we’re sure we can help.